‘F@!* it, let’s just do it’

So it turns out that the first word, in the first blog I have ever written, is a profanity. However, I think its presence is justified – it has been the firm principle, in which all decision making has been based, on this ‘little adventure’ to date.

Let me turn your attention to the first ‘F@!* it’ moment. My Co-Founder (and girlfriend, by the way – Hollie) and I, had been flirting with the idea of this idyllic, grass is greener, gin distillery which we will run from a miniscule garden shed on our lower ground floor patio in Central London. Fantastic but ridiculous. The calculated logistical concerns are in abundance, just to name a few:

  • It doesn’t fit.
  • We cannot get it into the basement.
  • We are both hopeless at DIY.
  • It poses considerable security concerns, for the building, and potential contents of the shed.
  • If we overcome all of the above, nothing will fit in the shed.
  • Hence the rationale, in line with the decision making principle, to purchase a 6ft X 4ft garden shed. Our beautiful little ‘distillery’….

A similarly reckless thought process has been applied to the other serious ‘business’ decisions we have engaged in, such as the purchasing of our first still (Bunny), registering the company and seeking investment. That is how we got started – blissful and blind optimism.